Discover medical applications for 3D printed models.


Visualizing a tumor and exactly how it is integrated into the surrounding tissue is critical to not only successfully removing the unwanted growth, but it is also important to preserving the surrounding tissue. A bio-model allows you to clearly see this and to give you more confidence during surgery.


Having a physical 3D model of the area you're operating on can be invaluable to getting a better picture of what you will encounter during orthopedic surgery. While scans allow you to get a series of 2D pictures that you can imagine 3-Dimensionally, nothing beats holding a model in your hands to demonstrate the operation to your patient, help plan your procedure, and use to practice the procedure before making an incision on your patient.


Planning and practicing Maxillofacial procedures is possible with the use of bio-models representing the exact geometry of your patient's area of interest. Use for procedures such as reconstructive surgery or planning dental implants. It will become clear exactly how much bone structure is available in certain areas while you're holding a model in your hands.


Visualize and practice stent placement, determine vascular obstructions and cardiovascular wall thickness and exact geometry before a procedure. 

NEW: Titanum Implants

Going beyond planning and practicing, we are now able to offer our clients titanium implant design and manufacturing services.